Valentine Volume 1 Chapter 28

Valentine Volume 1 Chapter 28

Posted June 18, 2014

A soldier in Napoleon’s army gets caught up in an adventure far beyond his wildest fears, as the monsters of legend fight over the way back to their homeworlds.



Alex de Campi


Christine Larsen

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4 thoughts on “Valentine

  1. Bullwinkle said:

    Is this another dead story?
    So many good illustrated stories die after they really get interesting. I know it is hard work to get a page drawn and colored. A few words from the creator in the comments section letting the readers know if the story is done or when the next panels are coming is polite. This author is not the only one to stop a story abruptly

  2. Edgar Doiron said:

    @Bullwinkle I agree.
    As much as I love thrillbent, the lack of communication with us readers about the status of the different comics is just plain crazy.

    Right now there’s 3 comics that I used to read behind the paywall. But 3 isn’t enough to make me pay yet.

    I’m still waiting on updates on:
    insufferable (Since NOVEMBER 20, 2013)
    Arcanum (Since DECEMBER 2, 2013)
    Eight Seal (Since MARCH 17, 2014)

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