The Endling Volume 2 Chapter 9

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The Endling Volume 2 Chapter 9

Posted March 27, 2014

What happens to humanity after a billion years of evolution? Amber Black is about to find out.



Jonathan Larsen


Cecilia Latella


Jenn Manley Lee


Troy Peteri

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5 thoughts on “The Endling Volume 2 Chapter 9

  1. Chunky Style said:

    Day-um, I had been toying with the possibility that Xaius had been killing only as a response to active threats and otherwise had a live-and-let-live outlook, but that’s shot to hell, perhaps. Not that the story couldn’t take yet another unexpected turn, I suppose.

    Really enjoying this comic, thanks guys!

  2. Jonathan said:

    Dan, as you know, this story is set in the near future. Where they use an extremely volatile form of jet fuel.

    Is what I WOULD say if I just didn’t want to admit to goofing up.

  3. Dan7 said:

    Otoh, I don’t know how much Endling knows about technology, he might buy it actually (he has shown he knows a lot about geography and way customs works).

    Especially if Krista doesn’t know it doesn’t work. So assuming Endling doesn’t know his fuels, but he knows body language, he’ll see Krista telling the truth (because she doesn’t know it doesn’t work) and believe that he is in danger.

    Hope it makes sense.

    The suspense was done brilliantly. One thing that seems to me like something that might be Endling’s weak point is that he is a creature of biology not technology, so it makes sense that techno gadgets are weirder for him.

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