The Endling Volume 2 Chapter 10

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The Endling Volume 2 Chapter 10

Posted April 3, 2014

What happens to humanity after a billion years of evolution? Amber Black is about to find out.



Jonathan Larsen


Cecilia Latella


Jenn Manley Lee


Troy Peteri

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3 thoughts on “The Endling Volume 2 Chapter 10

  1. Chunky Style said:

    I think I’ve finally put my finger on what this is a story of (and I’ll bet I’m far from the first to think of it). There are a million sci-fi movies where a lone powerful alien comes to earth; in some of them the alien is a good guy, in some he is a monster. Once in a while there is a switcheroo and we find out that the “monster” was just trying to escape a pitchfork-wielding farmer and things got out of hand.

    Only with Xaius, we don’t know what to think. The script has been smartly played so that he really could go either way. On the one hand, we have been told all the empathy has been bred out of him, and we’ve seen him kill countless times, and manipulate those who are useful to him. On the other hand, almost everyone he’s killed has been a genuine threat (that guard he killed recently may have simply been a pitchfork-wielding farmer), and keeping his allies in control via pheromones is a great way to keep things peaceable.

    Again, kudos for playing it straight down the middle, where either could be the case, or perhaps some combination of the two.

    But I’m going to side with Team “Xaius Just Wants to Survive” for now. If that’s the case, what is this “weakness” that Amber can leverage? Perhaps it is simply that Xaius trusts her and cares about her. I will further speculate that, if Xaius can manifest the sticky gecko feet trait, he can also manifest the primate empathy trait, and once engaged, it’s a compelling trait to keep.

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