The Endling Volume 2 Chapter 20

The Endling Volume 2 Chapter 20

Posted June 12, 2014

What happens to humanity after a billion years of evolution? Amber Black is about to find out.



Jonathan Larsen


Cecilia Latella


Jenn Manley Lee


Troy Peteri

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0 thoughts on “The Endling

  1. Jonathan said:

    Hey guys,
    I debated whether to put “The End” in that last panel and ended up deciding not to. So in case that was a mistake: The End.
    I’ve got a blog post up about ending this strange little series: But I did wanna leave this note, too, to say thank you and ask one–okay, two–more things of you. One…can you spread the word? If you liked the series or know someone who would, please share it! Secondly…can you tell us your thoughts? What you liked, didn’t like? Everything? We wanna know. So please comment here, on our facebook page ( or on Twitter ( Thank you so much for coming along on the ride with us!

  2. Lou Duchez said:

    I’m heartbroken that this is “the end”, but thank you for the ride to get here.

    I did not see the twist that Zaius was still alive in the sim; you did a fine job of faking this reader out.

    I did predict that Anders would be Amber’s dad, but that was unavoidable, given the rule of Conservation Of Characters. If Amber’s dad is kept mysteriously anonymous, then it’s got to be someone we already know. White guys who are into underground environmentalism, who additionally haven’t interacted directly with Amber or her mom … it’s not a long list.

    Things you did well: pacing, clarity of storytelling (i.e. at every point you kept the reader informed as what needs to be done or else what consequences will ensue), believable characters, natural dialog, fine pencils, fine colors, good use of space, good use of the medium, innovative concept, moral ambiguity, ambiguity of intention where appropriate, and some absolutely unforgettable visuals.

    Things I cannot forgive you for: you killed Zavi, he was my favorite. … Okay, I forgive you, but god damn.

  3. Jonathan said:

    Lou, thanks so much for all your thoughtful comments! You are dead on about the visuals…some unforgettable work in there by Cecilia Latella and Jenn Manley Lee. It’s funny you say that about Amber’s Dad, because I didn’t even think of that until about halfway through writing this thing–my original thought was that we’d simply not meet him. Anyway, good on you for guessing it–I tried not to telegraph it too much. And I’m psyched we got you on the Primogenitor! Your gracious thoughts on the series overall are very, very much appreciated. Thank you for reading and sharing!

    • Lou Duchez replied:

      Heh, that bit where Rafe says “Would you like to meet her mom? The woman you just killed? I’ll introduce you” … I was rereading that the other week and thinking, “DAY-um, way to engineer and avoid a near plot collision!” Perhaps it’s better you didn’t realize that’s where you were going with it at the time, because the temptation to draw attention to the moment would have been unavoidable.

      If you see someone wearing a shirt that says “ZAVI POOPED FOR OUR SINS”, that’s probably me. Or possibly “ZAVI GAVE A SHIT.”

      • Cecilia Latella replied:

        Thanks for your feedback, Lou!

        Issue 14 was crazy because of that scene! I was telling Jonathan, “Wouldn’t Maya recognize Anders’ voice if he continues to scream like that?” and I tried to have Maya wondering for a moment. For me it was incredibly exciting to have Maya and Anders so close for a second, and I couldn’t even talk about that! ^^

        By the way, I hadn’t guessed at all who Amber’s father was. So for me reading the script for Issue 40 was really a BIG surprise.

  4. Jonathan said:

    Actually, I think I had it figured it by the time I wrote that…but I’d love to know when you figured it out! I did point at it a little more than I was super-comfortable with, so I’d love to know what gave it away! Thanks again–and if you ever make that t-shirt a reality, you are duty-bound to share the image with us!

    • Lou Duchez replied:

      I couldn’t tell you when I noticed exactly; at some point in volume 2, when Amber’s absentee dad started getting mentioned just often enough to put him on my radar. If anything was a clue, it was that her dad was never mentioned by name, and I suspected there was a reason his name was being withheld.

      Not sure how to get around that though; it’s easier for readers to sense when something is being withheld than for creators to mask it, I think. Maybe if Amber’s mom had referred to him by a nickname, like “Icepick” or “T-Bone” or “Turk”, that might have satisfied the part of my brain that needed a name for him (as well as implying a very different appearance).

      • Jonathan replied:

        Ah, that’s really interesting! I did on some level restrain from masking the Dad issue as much as I might have. I tried to be pretty scrupulous about going back and erasing my subconscious tracks on other stuff, but that one I indulged just the tiniest bit. Good on ya for nailing it!

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