Motorcycle Samurai Chapter 0

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Motorcycle Samurai Chapter 0

Posted August 11, 2014

A masked woman with a mysterious past tries to carve a future in the wreckage of the dusty, worn Badlands.



Chris Sheridan

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2 thoughts on “Motorcycle Samurai Chapter 0

  1. S MINSTREL said:

    “spigot”. a water faucet us a spigot, not a spicket.
    otherwisem i am enjoying the adventures of the white bolt.
    i presume that the original hornets are dead or retired or incarcerated?

  2. Michael Weber said:

    Hey, I’ve read this on Comixology a while ago too. Is is possible, that the end (the last 10 pages or so) is missing.

    And thanks for releasing this series here, it is really an enjoyable read.

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