Empire Volume 2 Chapter 1

Empire Volume 2 Chapter 1

Posted May 28, 2014

Empire Volume 2 continues the saga of Golgoth, a remorseless villain whose plans for world domination have won him the planet Earth… and made him the target of every inhabitant.



Mark Waid


Barry Kitson


Chris Sotomayor


Troy Peteri

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10 thoughts on “Empire Volume 2 Chapter 1

    • Moderator replied:

      Hi Brian,

      What do you mean by download it? If you want to buy the PDF in the store, it will be made available in a larger collection. If your device is unable to download the chapter and you, therefore, can’t view it, please let us know the device and, if applicable, browser you’re using.

  1. Brian Wakefield said:

    Sorry it took so long to reply. I can read it online just fine. But I thought we would be able to download and save the PDF 1 chapter at a time to read off-line. Just like when Thrillbent was free. Charging me a fee and offering less than the former free version seems like an odd business model.

  2. Anthony Heugh said:

    This reads pretty poorly on my Android tablet. The image resizes as I scroll and the ‘next/previous’ text actual overlaps the image. Needs a fullscreen option.

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