Empire Volume 2 Chapter 10

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Empire Volume 2 Chapter 10

Posted October 8, 2014

Empire Volume 2 continues the saga of Golgoth, a remorseless villain whose plans for world domination have won him the planet Earth… and made him the target of every inhabitant.



Mark Waid


Barry Kitson


Chris Sotomayor


Troy Peteri

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0 thoughts on “Empire

  1. mwatson002 said:

    kind of leaning that way too.

    Empire was the reason I joined.

    I am all caught up currently on all of the comics here, and everything else is either discontinued or coming in dribs and drabs.

    Barring regular Empire postings, I am thinking it best to cancel, and come back once say every six months

  2. Alexander Court said:

    The art team is hitting a good groove on producing the new chapters and we’re hoping to be posting again later this year. We haven’t set a return date yet.

  3. Steven said:

    Well, I’m out. Guess I’ll check back at the end of the year to see if Empire has any new issues posted.

    Guys, do yourselves a favor: Make this available via comixology. This model simply doesn’t work.

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