Empire Volume 2 Chapter 21

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Empire Volume 2 Chapter 21

Posted September 30, 2015

Empire Volume 2 continues the saga of Golgoth, a remorseless villain whose plans for world domination have won him the planet Earth… and made him the target of every inhabitant.



Mark Waid

Line Art

Barry Kitson


Chris Sotomayor


Troy Peteri

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0 thoughts on “Empire

  1. Jason said:

    I understand that it takes time to prepare new chapters. But I would very much appreciate if you could give us an estimate of when new chapters can be expected.
    If you are not able to give us an answer at least please respond by saying “We dont know”.

  2. mwatson002 said:


    and I too do not remember be given a heads up

    and also note it appears to be sold out on that site too

    and I share Jalla’s impression

    I thought the published materials was likely a recap of what we have seen so far…..

    not new material

  3. Jalla said:

    Well I guess the good news is that there are some new chapters. I love Empire.

    But it is such a shame they dont post it here. What is the point of subscribing here, when you have to buy the comic somewhere else?

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