Cthulhu Calls

Cthulhu Calls

Posted March 25, 2013

Welcome to another installment of Proof of Concept Theater. Cthulhu Calls was originally a short script written for a print comic, but I asked Yves “Balak” Bigerel to storyboard it as a digital comic, adapting freely as he saw fit. I’d intended to give those storyboards to another artist who could create a finished, color comic, but once I saw the life in Balak’s drawings, I asked him if I could simply have his storyboards lettered and run them alongside the original script as a teaching tool. Not only was he okay with that, he graciously provided an annotated version, which we’ve included below. At Balak’s request, I did a little light editing to his notes (English isn’t his first language), but he explains his choices very well and with great insight.



Mark Waid


Troy Peteri
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