Arcanum Volume 1 Chapter 16

Arcanum Volume 1 Chapter 16

Posted December 2, 2013

In the 21st century, technology can defend us from anything: terrorist attacks, mad science, even alien invasions. But how do we protect ourselves from a full-blown invasion of magic?



John Rogers

Artwork & Coloring

Todd Harris


Troy Peteri

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0 thoughts on “Arcanum

  1. WuseMajor said:

    Ok, it’s working now.

    As for actual commentary, I wonder if they have issues with running water or not.

    Also I have to agree with him. Were I in his situation I’d want all the life saving undergarments too. Not a gun, partially because I don’t like shooting people and partially because magic energy makes them unpredictable.

  2. Chris J said:

    I don’t mind waiting (ok, I do) but for gods sake tell us why there have not been any new episodes for over two months. Hey, I understand this business, but communication is helpful to avoid reader dissatisfaction and unmet expectations.

  3. Chris J said:

    I’m about to give up on this site. Nothing new for three months? The sires was entertaining, and no word, no explanation, nothing. I’m very disappointed.

    Look, I’d like you to succeed in your business plan, but putting up a site, exciting your readers about content, then suddenly seeing that the plug has been pulled? Is Mark Waid too involved in comic shop ownership? Are the creators prima donnas who work slow? Did someone die? I usually the simplest explanation. Someone ran out of money?

  4. Randal said:

    With no communication, all that is left is speculation. Worse, Arcanum keeps popping up with an “every Monday” tag. So I keep coming back hoping to see something, but still dead.

  5. Will said:

    I, for one, am waiting patiently. A good comic is worth it.

    For you kids whining about your expectations:
    1) you’re not paying to see this
    2) it takes less than 5 seconds per week to see if new material has been posted.
    3) since you are reading web comics in the first place, you’re time must not be very precious anyhow
    4) the artist does not owe you anything

    • Chris J replied:

      Well, your rude suppositions notwithstanding about how I choose to waste my time, I still think that a professional like Waid or anyone else striving for professionalism could do us the simple service of telling us wtf is going on. I won’t judge, I won’t complain, if comics don’t get done regularly, they lose their audience. The fact that I’m here commenting means that I recognize the quality here, free or otherwise.

      Just tell us something.

      • Moderator replied:

        Hi all,

        Arcanum is not dead, but it is on hiatus. If you sign up for the email listserv, you’ll get an email when it starts updating again.

        A TV project unexpectedly came up for John, but he’s excited to get back to Arcanum as soon as he can.

  6. Joe Napalm said:

    Will, you are wrong. If the creators of this comic, and this site, want a commitment from us to keep coming back and keep their web traffic hits up, then they owe us at least a smidge of communication to let us know the status of their comic. There may not be ads on this site, but you can bet that they are monitoring page views. It’s how the site is sold to other artists.

    As I mentioned over on the Insufferable page, I’m disappointed in Waid. He could easily post something on his blog about why these comics are delayed. He’s launching new stuff and in the past he’s provided info on when a series would return (it was even done here in the last gap). Why the silence now?

    This isn’t an amateur site with fan comics. This is a site that is supposed to prove a new model of comic delivery works, but they aren’t delivering the product.

  7. Chris J said:

    Here it is June and nothing. So the creator is doing movie stuff? Ok, and now I’m finding that this may be the last time for me here. Kinda like looking for yr morning newspaper every morning but no one told you the paperboy quit and is in college now.

  8. dvandom said:

    Um, it’s been a year since that last promise. The main page REALLY needs an obvious freshness date on strips. It gets annoying pretty quickly to put down money for a subscription, start trolling archives, and find series after series just isn’t updating. I had to do a fair amount of digging through the blog backlog to find that the “show your support to see more Endling” tag was in contradiction to the creator saying it was done. And Arcanum is abandonware at this point. At least when DC cancels books right and left, you can tell right away.

    At the very least, separate the main page’s Ongoing section into “Active,” “Hiatus” (with a note on expected return) and “Finished”.

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