Albert the Alien – Earth (Mis)Adventures

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Albert the Alien – Earth (Mis)Adventures

Posted August 12, 2014

Albert the Alien is the first intergalactic foreign exchange student. And when Albert’s involved, even the ordinary becomes extraordinary!



Trevor Mueller


Val Hochberg

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One thought on “Albert the Alien – Earth (Mis)Adventures

  1. mrplumbsr said:

    Welcome back to the final exclusive story for Thrillbent. All of these exclusive stories will also be appearing in the print edition of Albert the Alien (recently successfully funded on Kickstarter, due out in November), which can currently be pre-ordered here:

    Today we get to see a series of single page adventures from Val Hochberg that showcase Albert living in everyday Earth. Val is good friends with Albert the Alien series artist Gabo, and when we wanted to include some additional stories he immediately recommended her for the job. Her work has a lot of fun energy to it, and I love her anime-inspired style.


    Val Hochberg was born in the freezing cold snows of Buffalo, NY but moved into the burning heat of the Phoenix deserts to pursue a comic career. She single-handedly is the mastermind behind the ongoing apocalyptic webcomic “Mystery Babylon”, following the adventures of Kick Girl (a demon who doesn’t kick people as much as her name would lead you to believe). Her previous works include three graphic novel installations of the series “Kick Girl” which started back in 2007. Val has most recently produced sketch cards for Star Wars (Topps), DC Epic Battles & Adventure Time (Cryptozoic), and Women of Zorro (5finity Productions). Val loves really loves Star Wars, her Boosteriffic husband, and giggling. A lot.

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