Albert the Alien – Halloween Misadventures

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Albert the Alien – Halloween Misadventures

Posted August 5, 2014

Albert the Alien is the first intergalactic foreign exchange student. And when Albert’s involved, even the ordinary becomes extraordinary!



Trevor Mueller


Zach Miller

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One thought on “Albert the Alien – Halloween Misadventures

  1. mrplumbsr said:

    Today’s Albert the Alien exclusive Thrillbent story features the artistic talents of Zach Miller (

    Zach has a Calvin and Hobbs kind of style which I think works very well for Albert, and his sense of humor is right up there with mine. He hand letters all of his pages, which I think provides a refreshing and very approachable style for young readers.

    How are you enjoying the exclusive stories? Are you excited for the return to the main story?

    Main story should be resuming mid-August.

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