Albert the Alien Chapter 1

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Albert the Alien Chapter 1

Posted October 1, 2013

Albert the Alien is the first intergalactic foreign exchange student. And when Albert’s involved, even the ordinary becomes extraordinary!



Trevor Mueller


Gabriel Bautista

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3 thoughts on “Albert the Alien Chapter 1

  1. Welcome to Albert the Alien! We are so excited to be partnered with Thrillbent to bring you this all-ages sci-fi / comedy / adventure series!

    Albert first appeared in Reading with Pictures volume 1, and my artist Gabriel Bautista and I have been working to find ways to continue his adventures ever since. And the people here at Thrillbent have helped make that a reality!

    I hope you enjoy this first installment of Albert. Please leave comments to let us know what you think, tell your friends, and also come back every Tuesday for more Albert the Alien!

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