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Hey, Thrillbenders,

Becky, here! You don’t know me yet, but I’m the creator of Thrillbent’s newest title, Everstar. Updating every Friday, Everstar will hopefully be bringing an added dose of whimsy and adventure to Thrillbent’s lineup. As my first jaunt into the world of digital comics, Everstar’s creation was simultaneously incredibly enjoyable and a little nerve-wracking.

The task of creating a digital comic was, to be perfectly honest, daunting.  While I was certainly familiar with the medium, I felt more comfortable with the static images of print where I didn’t have to worry about whether or not the art would be staying in one place. With Thrillbent’s “still animation” style that allows the panels to change from one swipe to the next, the writing process becomes very different indeed. It requires you to think about what overlays would move or appear in addition to the usual meat of the script like dialogue and descriptions. I’m an obsessive fan of comics, but the truth is I had never considered writing something in this particular format until the prospect of working with Thrillbent came up.

Once I started the process of writing specifically for Thrillbent, however, something clicked and the writing process it became more and more fun. I also had the added bonus of working with Joie Brown, an artist who was more than up to the challenge With Thrillbent’s unique style of digital storytelling, the possibilities now felt practically endless in terms of what could be done. We could toy around with things like physical humor or science-fiction visuals in a way that we wouldn’t be able to anywhere else—and I can say that I might have gotten a little trigger-happy with the space battles as a result.

As I worked with Joie, it became clear that we were lucky enough to be working in a genre and style that lent itself perfectly to the digital format. We could use both the art and the storytelling style to draw kids in and provide them with a different kind of immersive storytelling experience, regardless of whether they’re familiar with comics or not. In writing a series for children, we wanted to capture as much of the wonderment and curiosity of kids as possible—in Everstar’s case, that wonderment is seen through the eyes of an eleven-year-old girl on the voyage of a lifetime.

Above everything, my goal with Everstar was to create something for all ages. It’s a simple story of a young girl and her spaceship and it will be bringing with it all of the adventures of a wild and crazy kid in outer space. Expect pirates, irate robots, and new galaxies waiting to be explored. It may be intended for kids, but we hope that it’s a story that can be enjoyed by everyone. The first two chapters are up now, so let us know what you think!

Aug 11, 2014 In: Comics