2015 Contest Results!


As we prep release of 2014 contest winner 4 Seconds–more on that in a few days as we nail down a release date–there’s something else exciting in the pipeline. As you’ll recall, Thrillbent ran an artist-seeking contest at Comicon San Diego a few months ago. I reviewed porfolios–a lot of portfolios–with the promise I’d write a short story for the one artist who I felt could best tell a story. The artist and I would–will–co-own the story as co-creators, and we’ll publish it on Thrillbent when it’s done.

That artist is a young man named Jason Muhr, an up-and-comer whose work appealed to me because it showed a lot of range and felt like it had a good deal of humanity to it. Right now, Jason’s working on our one-shot, “Like Giants,” and with his permission I’ll be posting some pages as he goes. For right now, take a look at a small selection of the samples he showed me. But don’t steal him away until he’s finished with my script!

Muhr Samples 1 Muhr Samples 2

Nov 03, 2015 In: Comics, Thrillbent News