If you’re a fan of THE ENDLING, as I am, fear not its temporary absence–I asked them to take a break this week to make up for time lost around the San Diego Comic Con. (Production time, not creative time–Jonathan, Cecilia and Jenn roll right along and bring their “A” game every week, but we asked letterer Troy to accompany us to SDCC and, editorially, I’m running a little behind, too. That’s all.)

They’ll be back next week, which is great. THE ENDLING is one of the first series I green-lit here a Thrillbent, nearly a year ago–a mutual friend, artist J.G. Jones, had put us in touch and I loved the pitch. And then Jonathan wouldn’t stop sending me scripts (because he was having a blast telling the story) and I didn’t tell him to stop (because I was enjoying reading it). The world-building that Jonathan did in those scripts impressed me mightily, as did his flair for dialogue. The suspense built, the payoffs were logical and yet unexpected, the storytelling was top-notch. All I really ever had to do as an editor was tell him to stop making every installment 95 screens long–not because they weren’t great, but because at that rate, we’d never find someone to illustrate it before we died of old age.

Jonathan found Cecilia, who gave it life and is, I think, beautifully suited to the story, lending it charm and humanity and humor. Lori found Jenn, and we are never letting her get out of our sight. It’s a good team, and if you’ve not yet sampled THE ENDLING, I encourage you to check it out here. If you like (the excellent) SAGA, I trust this’ll be right up your alley. Let us know what you think; I’m really proud of this series.


Aug 01, 2013 In: Site News