Insufferable Week 24–and more!


You know, there’s a big, BIG clue hanging in the air about who’s behind all this villainy…it’s been hanging for months now…and NO ONE has picked up on it.  I’m hesitant to say more because it may give the whole thing away, but something Nocturnus did very early on should have raised at least ONE eyebrow. Is this this week we reveal what that clue is?

Actually, no, but keep your other eyebrow ready to cock at @FAILahad.

Anyway, new week’s up!  Thanks to everyone for your kind reception at the New York Comic Con–and, remember, Thrillbent is now your twice-a-week stop! A new Insufferable every Wednesday, a new Pax Arena every Friday (bilingual, in English AND French–your choice!), and even more in the next two weeks! Tell your friends, tell the world, help us get the word out! I appreciate it.

Oct 17, 2012 In: Comics

Insufferable Week 23!


Up and running–please to leave any comments, thoughts or observations at the Mark Waid site. Pete and Nolan both knocked themselves out this week especially. Me, I’m leaving for the New York Comic Con in 15 minutes and will be in Artist’s Alley at booth H-18 — stop by and say hello if you’re there, and be among the first to hear news about the NEW Thrillbent series we’ll be launching next week!

Oct 10, 2012 In: Comics

HA! We’re BACK! Intellect and Romance ONCE MORE Triumphs Brute Force and Cynicism!


Hey, looka there–we’re back! Took us crazy-long to recover lost files, rebuild, and transfer to a new server–we all have day jobs, too–but thanks to the tireless efforts of Dan, Sonic, Lori, Matt, and Boiling Point Jonah, THRILLBENT’s back in business to stay!

For those of you who’ve been following our Twitter and Facebook feeds and have been dutifully downloading installments each week, we thank you for your patience and appreciate your dedication. I have one more thing to ask of you, though–if you would, please let the world know that is back and deadlier than ever. Share a page, write your own Tweet, send emails, whatever, but help us get the word out that not only is Insufferable once more a free-to-view weekly comic online, but that we’re also gearing up Phase Two of the site and will be rolling out ADDITIONAL new content all month–new series, new one-shots, and a very cool surprise at month’s end. We can’t grow without word of mouth, and if you can help us send up alerts, I’d appreciate it.

For those of you who’ve NOT been downloading installments since the hack, the last Insufferable episode you viewed was Week Eighteen, meaning you’ve got a whole month’s worth of Insufferable to catch up on, so GO!



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