Insufferable Week 12


And we lurch into what is roughly Act Two of our little dramedy, though don’t hold us tightly to that–right now, the team and I are having great fun following these characters down some unexpectedly windy roads, so much so that we’re in no rush to get to Act Three.  Nor am I positively sure that Act Three IS the last act. Yes, we still know where we’re ultimately going, but the more I know and learn about Jarod and his father, different avenues towards that destination spring up on the map and they take us interesting places. So long as you, the reader, feel that there’s motion and that nothing’s getting bogged down, I think that’s cool.  How are we doing so far at maintaining a storytelling pace that keeps you hooked and yet gives you a satisfying slice of the overall saga with each installment? Let us know; I’m eager to hear your thoughts.

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Thrillbent Comic-Con 2012 Announcements


Thrillbent Comics made a big splash at San Diego Comic-Con 2012!

This fall, we’ll be hosting Top Cow‘s Pilot Season titles — readers will vote in two rounds for their favorite of five comics; the winning title will get a mini-series deal with Top Cow and an eventual graphic novel. For more info, check out the Newsarama interview with Matt Hawkins and Mark Waid.

Also coming to Thrillbent starting this fall: more comics series!

  • And I Feel Fine by Troy Peteri and Derec Donovan
  • Arcanum by John Rogers
  • Clown Tales by Tom Peyer
  • The Damnation of Charlie Wormwood by Christy Blanch, Chris Carr and Chee
  • The Eighth Seal by James Tynion IV
  • Field Trip by Gail Simone and Amanda Gould
  • The Gas Kat Prowls by Kurt Busiek
  • Incapeables by Kevin Levy and Nate Watson
  • Last Vegas by Eric Heisserer
  • Working for Monday by Lori Matsumoto and Benjamin Dewey

Details and promo images are forthcoming.

And last but hardly least — Mark Waid walked away with three Eisner awards this year: Best Writer, Best Single Chapter (Daredevil #7) and Best Continuing Series! Mark will be back and posting blog entries as soon as he’s recovered.

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Insufferable Week 10


I know Ed Brubaker’s disappointed. He thought it would be funnier than this. But we’re way, way off the map. That’s what doing an adventure/crime story as a weekly serial creates–an awful lot of chances to turn and swerve and, in general, fling the original map out the window and just drive.

To belabor the metaphor, Pete took the wheel more than usual with this one, particularly in the last few pages, where the pacing was all him. I swear, sometimes I wonder if that boy’s not darker than we all give him credit for. (Pete, not Galahad.)

Hope you’re still enjoying and passing the word along to your friends. Next week, we’ll be taking a break for Comicon San Diego, but we’ll be showcasing some spectacular pieces of fan art which tickle me–and then we’re back the following week as we move into Act Two of our narrative and meet the Galahad Enterprises support staff. At last, more comedy.

And don’t forget to check in next week to read about some of our big Thrillbent announcements we’re making at San Diego. All I can tell you right now is that we’ve been wanting you to come back more than once a week…and we’re finally ready to give you cause.



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