Insufferable Week 8 is up


–and, see? Didn’t I warn you that there would be dark to balance the light? It was Pete’s idea to cram Nocturnus into a sidecar, by the way. Really good. I love how uncomfortable Pete makes him look. Also, reminder to self–we need to sit down soon and catalogue exactly what that Battle Staff can and can’t do.

Downloads coming later this afternoon–at the last second, I made a quick change to the comic as posted, no time until this afternoon to adjust the PDF and CBZ files, so they’re coming later, ASAP.

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Jun 20, 2012 In: Comics

Insufferable Week Seven is up!


A change-up. A sudden right turn in the narrative. All part of the overall tapestry, we promise.  But this is no Hanna-Barbara cartoon. Our characters are in far more danger than they realize, as you can now begin to see.  Nolan Woodard continues to be one of the best storytelling colorists in the biz, btw.

Jun 13, 2012 In: Comics

Cthulhu Calls


Okay, now it’s heating UP.

THIS is what gets me charged. THIS is why Thrillbent exists. To show what digital comics can do and to pass along to others what we learn as we go. This is one of my proudest moments yet:

I’ve been praising Yves “Balak” Bigerel’s talents from the start.  Far as I’m concerned, he’s the artist who Broke The Code when it came to defining digital comics, and what I know, I got from him. So I asked him to take one of my short stories I’d done years ago for print and storyboard it out as a digital comic, taking whatever liberties he needed to and adapting it freely. What he delivered is AMAZING. Better yet, he sent an annotated version as well. So if you have any interest in doing digital comics (or doing them better), go NOW NOW NOW to read “Cthulhu Calls.” Compare my original script to what Balak did and, more importantly, read his annotations on WHY he made the choices he made. NOW NOW NOW.

Then, as I am, thank Thrillbent’s Lori and Sonic’s Ann Hess for their hard work in assembling this.

Jun 08, 2012 In: Comics