Insufferable Week Five


A few things of note: Peter Krause draws ordinary people better’n almost anybody. Faces with character. Also, Nolan Woodard is a great colorist who’ll soon be stolen away by any well-paying editor with a lick of sense.

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Marketing Through Piracy


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(Actually, I loathe the use of the word “piracy” in the context of filesharing, but a good headline is supposed to be short and punchy, so.)

It came as no surprise to me that, about 24 hours after we posted the first installment of INSUFFERABLE, the pages had been downloaded, zipped into a .cbr or .cbz file, and uploaded to various torrent and filesharing sites. The only thing that startled me was that it took 24 hours. Sure enough, installments two and three were similarly webripped, converted and uploaded with increasing speed. By week three, they were available for download around the world within hours. Taken straight from the Thrillbent site.


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Insufferable Week 4


Online now for your reading pleasure, free of charge–and, beginning this week, free for download as well.  We’ll talk more about the “why” of that decision Friday as the next 48 hours will determine if what we’re attempting with the download model pays true. Stay tuned for further, less cryptic information.

And in the meantime, if you’re reading INSUFFERABLE and enjoying it, please–tell your friends. Tweet about it, Facebook it, hit your social network–the more eyes there are upon the work and the more hits the site receives, the more new series we can afford to generate for you. We need your help to grow, so spread the word about! Thanks!

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A quick note about Galahad:


When Pete and I came up with the name “Galahad” for Nocturnus’s ex-sidekick, I went to the web and did my due diligence to make sure the moniker wasn’t being used by someone else. It’s since been brought to my attention that I overlooked this character (who’s since dropped the “Kid” from his name) from Big Bang Comics, a long-running indy publisher of superheroes. My apologies. I’m told it’s not a problem (the Big Bang crew is a gracious lot)–all they’ve asked is that we mention here that there’s no relation between the two Galahads. Happy to oblige. Gary Carlson heads up a fun line of comics–check them out at Big Bang!


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Insufferable the second


New installment up now. We’ll be premiering INSUFFERABLE chapters every Wednesday at noon EST. As those of you who’ve already visited the process blog may already know, this installment has a minimum of digital bells and whistles, which may or may not be a mistake (you tell me). Also, I promise it gets funnier soon. The installments, not the process blog.

Writing in this format is the most difficult challenge I’ve ever had as a writer. I need you to come away each week feeling as if you got a Satisfying Chunk of Entertainment–a conflict of some sort, a resolution of some sort, movement, some cool digital-storytelling trick, and a cliffhanger…all in ten to twelve screens. Yeesh. Thankfully, my collaborators do all the heavy lifting and make me look good.

The strip is largely silent because Pete and I made the decision to shy away from thought balloons and internal-narrative captions with INSUFFERABLE. You’ll see why we made that choice as we go on, but the short version is that neither lead character is an especially authoritative narrator….

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Hi. My name is Mark Waid, and I’ve been writing comics for over 25 years… meaning I’m more than ready to break some rules, so let’s go.

THRILLBENT was created because John Rogers and I believe strongly that comics can and will be a thriving mass medium in the digital age if–IF–they’re created for modern media devices and not exclusively for printed pamphlets that are overpriced, uninviting to new readers, and abominably distributed in only a relative handful of storefronts nationwide. John and I both love print comics, but they’re crazy expensive for what you get and good luck finding them.

Each week, some of the most creative artists and writers around will bring new, free digital comics right to your monitor or mobile device, and we’ll show you ways of reading comics that will surprise and delight even the most jaded media junkie. Along the way, we’ll experiment with the form, and we encourage your feedback in the forums. Tell us what you like, what did or didn’t work for you, and what you’d like to see. In the meantime, we at Thrillbent Labs will continue to innovate. If you’re just arriving, join us now for the first installment of INSUFFERABLE: what happens when you’re a crimefighter and your sidekick grows up to be a douchebag?

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